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No Bunnies | a magic show for grown-ups

NO BUNNIES: a magic show

Does the idea of a guy in cape pulling a bunny from a top hat make you cringe? Then this is the magic show for you! International award winning comedy magician, Clinton W. Gray presents a roller-coaster ride of antics, that cause audiences to be belly-laughing one moment and speechless with amazement the next. Will you being fooled? Probably. Will you laugh your ass off? Absolutely!

NO BUNNIES | a magic show for grown-ups
55 mins • PG (not suitable for young kids, but tweens, teens and adults will LOVE it)

Tickets for Sunday, May 13 - 3:30pm

Tickets for Thursday, May 17 - 6pm

Tickets for Friday, May 18 - 6pm