Banquet Magic

Banquet Magic!

Banquet shows make up about 70% of all the events Clinton does each year. You have two show options; the choice depends on the size of your group, schedule and venue.

Comedy & Conjuring Show

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The flagship show that started it all! Comedy & Conjuring blends magic, music and mayhem into a high-energy, interactive comedy show! This show can range in length from 30 minutes to an hour and is perfect for an audience of 20 to 1000 people.

This show features many of the routines that have earned Clinton five international performance awards; unbelievable entertainment pieces that have taken him around the world including:

down the hatch: Okay.. a little difficult to explain, but guaranteed to have you holding your sides in pain with laughter, as Clinton attempts his version of sword swallowing!

cowboy card trick: an amazing comedy piece originally developed and performed for the World-Famous Calgary stampede. The routine recently won Stage Act of the Year!

magic hot-line: a hilarious routine where the magic goes wrong, and Clinton has to stop the show to telephone the “Magic Help Hot-line!”

totally hooped: The classic Chinese linking rings, performed with giant hula hoops. This act was featured at mulitple performances during the 2010 Winter Olympics... it was so well received Clinton now includes it in all his shows!

This entire show is uniquely tailored to incorporate your principal people; unbelievable illusion plus hysterical audience participation combine to create world class entertainment.


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While strolling from group to group throughout the event Clinton delivers “On-the-Spot Entertainment” by presenting close-up interactive miracles. This works as a great icebreaker! Clinton involves everyone and your guests actually meet-&-greet through him.

It's also a very effective way to unify a large group of people in a very short period of time and maintain a consistent upbeat atmosphere. The magic will be consistent with your theme and could be used:

The roving performances are a great way to have entertainment without the challenges of having a formal show. There's no need to block out extra time slots in your agenda, and you don't have to setup a special performance area. PERFECT!

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