Personalized Presentations

Personalized Presentations Custom Designed For You

Clinton has become a recognized industry leader in the development of personalized presentations for companies and organizations worldwide. These custom shows and presentations are used for many types of events including:

“Basically customization is appropriate when entertainment alone is not enough,” explains Clinton. “It might be very specific like a product launch where I'm using my comedy magic to promote the benefits of some gizmo. Sometimes it's as simple as a CEO wanting to be involved in the show, so that he is seen as just one of the guys.”

The customization process is quite simple for you. After you complete a four-page questionnaire, specific routines are chosen by Clinton to custom produce a program especially for your target audience. These routines are then tweaked with your information, so that the performance is completely personalized.

Clinton loves creating customized shows.“It's truly an amazing experience to partner with a client; to use my comedy magic in a way that is unique for that one performance,” says Clinton.

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