Metaphor of Magic Workshop

Metaphor of Magic Workshop

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This award-winning magic workshop is designed to introduce the art of MAGIC as a TRANSFORMATION MECHANISM – a demonstration that gains an audience's attention, lowers their defenses and serves as a metaphor to solidify an idea or concept.

Quite simply, Clinton will show you how to perform simple magic tricks that can be used to make a point; a point that is made in way far more effective than straightforward logic. These mechanisms can be used in any situation imaginable: to rouse a workforce, to launch a new product, to close a sale, or to get your kid to clean his room!

This team-building workshop is hands-on, 100% interactive and attendees will use Tricks of the Magician's trade to:

Using items and ideas found in the business environment, the magic routines that Clinton teaches will allow delegates to break the ice in awkward situations, establish greater rapport with staff & clients, and develop dynamic business presentations. Magic creates a tiny, exciting, momentary bubble of disbelief, and in that moment the presenter and the message becomes unforgettable!

Peter Winters Clarica Inc.

Peter Winters — Clarica Inc.